Home 2 Home’s Broker, Joe Newby, offers expert experience for you and your transferees. Joe has over 35 years in the business, with 20 of those years as an owner of a moving and storage company for a major van line. As a Broker, Joe has over 18 years as a Realtor and Broker Owner.

The following are some of the services Joe can provide.


Knowing the market is important. Being a Boise Valley native, combined with our work experience, I offer the best service. I can price your home by giving you a Comparative Marketing Analyzing (CMA). We then use our marketing strategy, and give you a plan “not a guess”. Call today to have our home stager meet with you to provide professional advice on things to do for a quick sale.


A home is more than a house. Knowing the market and your complete needs is a must. Our goal is to take the time to find you a home, not just a house. This means including important considerations such as finding the right schools, appropriate subdivisions and areas you want, for the price and terms you want.

Corporate services:

Whether you’re moving yourself, an employee, one of your top executives, a complete department or your entire company, we are here for you. No matter what the circumstance, let our seasoned team assist you. My knowledge, experience and blend of tools allow me to assist your employees. I can assist with finding an agent at origin, keeping in touch as to how the listing process is going and checking in on pricing. As a past Certified Moving consultant, I can advise how to handle the move and eliminate unwanted surprises in costs, delay claims, and damage claims. I can even help coordinate the delivery! Depend on us to find the right home for a successful relocation.

Boise Tours:

I offer tours of the Boise Valley for a number of companies. The tour normally runs 2 to 3 hours and can be tailored to your specific needs. Boise has so much to offer and our tours provide a broader view of what this beautiful place can provide for you and you family. Call ahead of your visit to Boise and we will develop a personal tour just for you. We provide you with views of housing area, shipping centers, schools, the nature and landscapes, ski resorts, Boise Green belt hiking trails, cultural places like the Morrison Center and so much more!

Mortgage Services:

If you need financing we have negotiated with a number of Mortgage companies for cost-cutting fees, including loan orientation fees and other additional costs. Call me today and we can setup an appointment to get you pre-qualified and on your way to home ownership!

Rental Assistance:

Home 2 Home does not provide rentals but has numerous connections to find an appropriate rental for you. Call today and I will put you in touch with a quality, liable rental agent.

Moving Services:

Whether you’re moving across town or anywhere in the world, I have the knowledge to advise you what you need to do to make sure you don’t become victim of rouge, unethical movers. Part of our services involves advising you of the proper way to choose a moving company, and the types of estimates to obtain. I will even setup estimates for you, or review the estimates you obtain on your own.

Home warranty:

Whether you’re buying or selling a home with Home 2 Home Services, Inc. you will receive a one year home warranty that will protect you from appliance malfunctions, problems with plumbing, electrical, furnace, air conditioning, as well as issues with garage doors openers.

Home Inspection:

I also pay for a home inspector to come out and inspect the home before the home goes on the market, so many house sales falls because the find out about the hidden problems
after they have an offer, then the offer falls.