Looking for Boise Area Homes for Sale ?


With the housing shortage we are having demand for more homes to be listed your home may have a higher value than you think, and if you check on line estimate can be off. The best way to get an actual market value would be to have me come and view your home and see all the features your home may have over others.

If you’re thinking of listing, you will see the free services below that makes me not your average listing agent. When my system is used homes sales faster.

Staging very important, each listing I pay to have an award winning interior decorator to advice on staging, consultation of colors and other items to have a quick sale.

1. All listings get a professional photographer to take photos of your home, the first on the internet is crucial so we get the best impression when it is listed.

2. Rest assured that you home is ready to sale, with no surprises I hires a home inspector with each listing so that you know what needs to be done so there will not be surprised after you get the offer.

3. While your home is listed, I place a home warranty, on your home while it is listed that is transferred to the new home owner.

I pay for these items even if your home does not sale, so if you’re thinking of selling a home see why Joe is “Not Your Average Joe”.

Thank you, I am looking forward to meeting with you!


Thinking of Selling?

Joe is not your average listing agent see below what every home seller get with a listing


Thinking of Buying?

Buying a home is a serious investment, it is one of the highest’s purchases you will make in your life, so you will want an experienced agent, Joe is a Broker and a top producer in home sales so knows what needs to be done to have an enjoyable purchase.


Thank you for your service!

Joe would like to thank you for your service, a veteran himself he wants to reach out to you and help you obtain your dream of owning a house. So, if you have serviced in the military, or a public service, policeman, fireman, teacher. Once again Thank you for your service!


Do You Want to be a First Time Home Buyer?

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Been Credit Challenged?

In life we sometimes run into things in our life that makes us feel we can never buy a house, I have a program that helps you clean up your credit, and get back on track, if after talking with one of the many lender, you need help of credit counselor and there is a cost I will reimburse you up to $800 at the closing of a house..


Thinking of Building?

Joe has helped over 100 families find and have their new home built.


Joe was a joy to work with. He helped us in every aspect of the home buying and home selling experience and treated us just like family. He is a great Realtor and I highly recommend his services.

Scott Shepherd
Architect – Lead IT Developer at Hewlett-Packard 

Joe is an amazing person to work for and always had my best interest at heart. He was always on top of the latest Real Estate information, training and lead generation. He was meticulous with paperwork and I felt comfortable knowing that Joe was there to help with any questions that I had regarding all types of Real Estate transactions. He had rapport with clients and always had a smile on his face. Joe was well known in the Real Estate industry and was always held in high regard by other realtors. He seemed to always bring large opportunities for his realtors, including subdivision listings and new build construction deals. I have kept in touch with Joe as he is someone that will always be successful at what he does and a great person to know.

Susannah Levicki
Real Estate Specialist San Diego, Riverside County and Relo for Treasure Valley, Idaho

Joe helped us buy a house when we moved to Boise from Cincinnati. He not only helped us navigate through the home-buying system, but went above and beyond by offering to help with all sorts of details that are difficult to handle long-distance: arranging for our fence to be built, getting the gas and electricity set up, etc. His personal attention was fabulous and very much appreciate!

Maureen Durning
Strengthening Families training and consultation at Butterfly TTT